Brandon McPhee


Press Release via AS Written, March 2022


Irish accordion lovers are counting down the dates to BRANDON McPHEE‘s return to these shores for his Irish tour dates next month. The young Scotsman is already somewhat of a legend in his own lifetime, despite still being in early twenties. But as has often been pointed out, when he picks up his accordion, he’s simply a man older than his years and ahead of his time. And fans in the midlands will get to experience his talent for themselves on FRIDAY, APRIL 8th when Brandon, his band, and special guest Manson Grant roll into Moate’s TUAR ARD theatre in Westmeath. 

          From Brendan Shine and Mick Foster to Michael English, and from Nathan Carter to Olivia Douglas, fans of Irish country have long enjoyed something of a love affair with the accordion and its rousing sound. And it’s an instrument that holds a similarly special place in the affections of our Scottish neighbours. In the late Sir Jimmy Shand, they produced one of the greatest and most influential players of all time. And in Brandon McPhee, many feel they now have a talent who seems destined to eclipse his hero in accordion legend and lore.

          In any conversation with an accordion enthusiast worth his or her salt, you won’t get further than thirty seconds in before the name of Jimmy Shand is spoken with a reverential mix of awe and delight. So it’s truly a sign of the high regard in which Brandon is already held when you hear Robert Cameron of Pan Records state categorically, “I’ve shared the same bill as Jimmy Shand, but Brandon can do things Jimmy could never do.”

          From his first encounter with the button-key accordion when he was just ten, to recording his first album only a year later, Brandon has racked up one achievement, accomplishment, and accolade after another. Among the stand-outs from a roll-call of highlights are: All Scotland Senior Traditional Accordion Solo Champion in 2014 (also the first time a button-key accordion player won this competition in twenty-seven years, and at seventeen, making Brandon the youngest ever winner of the prestigious Jimmy Shand Shield); winner of Hot Country TVs Accordion Instrumentalist of the Year in 2017, and their Johnny Cash Inspirational Award in 2016.

          Brandon even performed a tune he composed himself, Birkhall Ball, for Prince Charles and Camilla at their Birkhall home in Scotland. In fact, Brandon has also performed for Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. 

          As well as Moate’s Tuar Ard date, Brandon will also be taking to the stage in Cavan on April 6th when his tour kicks off at the Hotel Kilmore, followed by a show in Cork at the Firgrove Hotel on April 7th. 

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