Maria Butterly


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Maria on stage during her performance at the MOTHERS OF UKRAINE charity concert

 Singer/songwriter MARIA BUTTERLY is leading the way in demonstrating the helping and healing power of music.

          The Meath based artist was the driving force behind a hugely successful fundraising concert in Drogheda’s TLT in recent weeks, and has also just launched a new songwriting workshop which has wellbeing as its focus.

          MariaMothers of Ukraine Charity Concert on April 13th saw a glittering parade of entertainers share their talent and time by banding together to raise funds for UNICEF and its work relating to the war-torn country. Maria has since been able to present a cheque for €10, 028.25 to UNICEF representative Amy Maher, funds sure to go a long way in providing help to those most in need of it right now.

          The concert – which was in association with Pat Egan Management – featured performances from Sean Keane, Donal Lunny and Paddy Glackin, violinist Vladimir Jablokov, St. Peter’s Male Voice Choir with MD Edward Holly, the powerhouse Ukrainian singer Maryna Odelksa, and Maria herself. That stellar line-up was backed by an equally heavenly backing band with the steady hand of the great Bill Shanley (who also produces many of Maria’s songs and albums, including her recent single Hero) leading James Blennerhasset on bass, and Jason Duffy on drums throughout the night, while LMFM presenter Sinead Brassil orchestrated proceedings as event MC.

Deputy Mayor of Drogheda Declan Power, Maria, Amy Maher of UNICEF Ireland, and Marian Agrios, President of Drogheda Lions Club

          Reflecting on the concert – which saw Counsellor Ms. Olena Shalopu, Deputy Head of Mission for Ukraine, join Drogheda Town Mayor James Byrne among those in attendance – Maria remarked that every artist had treated the audience to performances “from the heart”. While it was almost impossible for her to stand one moment apart from the next, Maria noted that several moments had struck a chord with large numbers of those who enjoyed the TLT event…

          “The consensus among people who have been in touch with me since is that Sean Keane really set the crowd alight in opening the show. Likewise, the beautiful renditions of classic songs with their eloquent harmonies as performed by St Peters Male Voice Choir & MC Edward Holly will live long in the memory. Donal Lunny and Paddy Glackin – as you’d expect – raised the roof, and Vladimir Jablokov wooed all before him with pieces like ‘Libertango’, ‘Radetsky March’, and the famous piece from ‘Schindler’s List’, too.”

          “And in what was a very special moment for me personally”, Maria added, “Vladimir also beautifully performed an Irish tune I wrote, one titled ‘Tonn na hEireann’, which means ‘Irish Wave’.”

          While Maria was very much to the fore in bringing the Mothers of Ukraine concert from the good idea phase to reality, she readily acknowledges how that journey would have been incredibly difficult without the support that poured in from so many directions…

          “There wasn’t one single instance where I asked someone to help in some particular way, and where that didn’t happen. That’s a reflection of how willing so many people were to do whatever they could, and I honestly can’t express enough my gratitude or appreciation for every single person and organisation who came on-board. I’d like to send a special thank you, though, to Drogheda Credit Union in particular, for their immediate and very generous support as one of our prominent sponsors. I’ve been a member of the Credit Union since I was just ten years old, and it was through them that I was able to purchase my first car.  They were the first local business to come on board and support this event in the very early stages.”

          A full list of Maria’s thank-you’s is available on her official website,

          Maria also composes music for film and TV, and runs a recording studio which has just opened to the public in Meath (for more information on Maria’s studio contact 

Given that Maria is so involved in the music world in so many ways, and with the vast depth of her musical experience, it’s hardly surprising that she has decided to pass on some of her knowledge in a way that has the potential to be of huge benefit to others.

         To that end, she has recently launched a Songwriting Workshop with a focus on wellbeing, designed to cater for post-primary students and adults of all ages and levels, from beginners right up to those of a more advanced skillset. The workshop, which is in association with Exit Entry / IBM and Windmill Lane Recording Studio, will see students learn to compose hit melodies and lyrical hooks, how to record their songs, what they need to set up a home studio, and, of course, the all-important business side of songwriting too.

~ You can find more information about Maria’s Songwriting Workshop on her official website,


Imelda Kehoe


Press Release via AS Written, May 2022


Imelda will take to the stage of the National Concert Hall on June 17th

For one night only, IMELDA KEHOE – who has been described by the writer, musician, and journalist Shane Dunphy as being, “…that rare thing: a singer of remarkable subtlety and emotional resonance who also writes songs that act as touchstones everyone can grasp” – will perform original songs from her latest album, How To Be Human, at the National Opera House on June 17th (ticket info here).

          With a set-list that will also include some classics by the likes of John Prine, Buddy Holly and more, Imelda – who will be accompanied by notable jazz musician Kevin Lawlor and his Trio – will treat her audience to a night of top quality entertainment. 

          Currently writing her third studio, and with an Irish tour also in the making, the journalist and songwriter Brendan Keane has noted of Imelda, that “While her style fits comfortably into the contemporary folk category, there is far more depth to her work than any one tag could accurately encompass.” That being so, it’s no surprise that Imelda has really created her own style, one influenced not just by folk, but also jazz, blues and elements of soul. 

          Imelda’s songs have received national airplay in Ireland and on radio stations worldwide such is their easy way of making listeners feel part of the stories they tell. Her unique voice and vocal performances draw listeners in close, with her “Beautiful, heart-breaking pop inspired songs that trip along and pull you in to their melodies and chord structures…”, that are, according to the songwriter, playwright and actor Billy Roche, “… reminiscent of Paul Weller’s ‘Butterfly Collector’ or ‘English Rose.'”

          The soundtrack to a childhood spent moving around and living in beautiful properties that her parents would renovate was her father’s record collection. And this audio-goldmine led Imelda into life-long love affairs with the music of Nat King Cole, Buddy Holly, Simon and Garfunkel, Mamas and Papas and the Beach Boys, to name only a few. She describes these early influences as shaping her love of good melody.  

          Imelda trained as a Nurse in Leeds, working in inner City A&E and Intensive Care departments, and she cites these experiences as being influential in her songwriting.  Having moved to Ireland some years back now, Wexford is now very much ‘home, sweet, home’ for Imelda. 

“You don’t need bells and whistles with a voice so honest and songs so beautifully classic in their arrangement. This album really did stop me in my tracks, and I am thankful for it.” – Bobby Green ( – on Imelda’s album, How to Be Human

“Her voice is of the folk-tradition, but it also brings a freshness and vitality that is both exciting, compelling and all her own.  Imelda’s songs are And distinctive, delicate powerhouses: leaping genres effortlessly, they often embrace unusual time signatures and challenging melodic structures, while managing to appear deceptively simple.  She is something very special.” – Shane Dunphy, Writer, Musician, Journalist. 

~ IMELDA KEHOE will perform songs from her latest album – HOW TO BE HUMAN – at the NATIONAL OPERA HOUSE on JUNE 17th. For more information on Imelda, check out her official website, For ticket info and booking, go to 


Vincent Vaughan


Press Release via AS Written, May 2022


When it comes to choosing a debut single, the choice can often be a tough one for a singer. After all, the world is full of amazing songs. Two rules-of-thumb, however, that are well worth being guided by if you decide to introduce yourself with a cover version, are pick a brilliant song, and then, crucially… do it justice. 

With his decision to release RODNEY CROWELL‘s 1989 single MANY A LONG AND LONESOME HIGHWAY as his first record, Tipperary’s VINCENT VAUGHAN has picked a class song, and he has put his heart into it too. 

Now available to request at radio and set for general release on Friday, May 13th – also Vincent’s birthday as it happens – Many A Long And Lonesome Highway will also be the first taste of a long-player project already in the works. The single comes hot on the heels of Vincent’s recent performance at the Smithwick’s Kilkenny Roots Festival. 

Written by Rodney Crowell and Will Jennings, and produced by Crowell and Tony BrownMany A Long And Lonesome Highway was the lead-off track from Crowell’s Keys To The Highway album, his sixth studio collection (released October 1989). The single climbed all the way to the #3 position on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in January 1990, spending 26 weeks in total on the chart. It also went all the way to the top of the RPM Country Tracks chart in Canada. The Keys To The Highway collection was the follow-up to Crowell’s iconic 1988 Diamonds & Dirt LP, the collection that produced all five of Crowell’s #1 hits. 

For Vincent, deciding to cut a Rodney Crowell song as his debut single was made easy by the fact that – as well as being a long-time fan of the Texan – he’s also spent time in the great man’s presence. Back in 2018, the opportunity happened to come Vincent’s way to attend a songwriting workshop with Rodney in California. And not only that, Vincent has also shared a stage and a mic with the two-time Grammy winner. So choosing Many A Long And Lonesome Highway as his first single is also a respectful tip-of-the-hat to a man and an artist for whom Vincent has the highest respect, has long admired, and has always been inspired by. 

That West Coast songwriting workshop was also the catalyst for what would become Vincent’s debut album, eventually bringing Vincent’s way the chance to perform with players who have backed figures as illustrious as Johnny Cash, Robert Earl Keen, and Jerry Jeff Walker. But that’s a story for another day. 

And VINCENT VAUGHAN is a man with stories to tell, that’s for sure. Many A Long And Lonesome Highway is but the first chapter. 

MANY A LONG AND LONESOME HIGHWAY, the official debut single from VINCENT VAUGHAN, will be available to stream on all platforms from FRIDAY, MAY 13th. The single is already available to request from radio stations nationwide. You can follow Vincent on Facebook and YouTube at Vincent Vaughan Music, and on Instagram and Twitter at @vvmireland.


Mags McGagh/Downda Road Radio


Press Release via AS Written, May 2022


Mags McGagh has joined the Downda Road Radio team as Operations Manager

DOWNDA ROAD RADIO have announced the appointment of well-known country music figure MAGS McGAGH as the station’s new OPERATIONS MANAGER

         Based in Manchester, but with strong Irish roots, Mags is no stranger to the country music scene in Ireland having long been a supporter of Irish artists on her Salford City Radio show. Already a presenter on Downda Road with her Country Collection show each Monday and Thursday night (7-9pm), Mags is excited about the opportunity to play an even bigger role in promoting and growing the station’s ethos of focusing on gender-balance, being a platform for new artists and their music, while also being a conduit for a more modern, Nashville influenced and inspired style of country music.          

Looking ahead to her new role, Mags explained what it would entail and the areas where her attention would be centred…

         “Well I’ve known Mike [Gleeson] and the gang there for quite a while already, so in some ways this move feels like a natural next step and extension of things. In my new role one of the big factors I’ll be concentrating on is gender-balance. One of the things that Downda Road Radio is very proud of is that we try to give everyone a fair crack at things. So, what we’ll be continuing to do going forward is giving young and new artists a platform. I don’t think they always get a fair deal when they’re coming through, and neither does Mike, Downda Road’s CEO. It’s been one of my passions from when I began radio presenting, to give up-and-coming artists airplay, I don’t think they always get that. That makes it very hard for them to get themselves established, because if they’re not getting airplay, then people aren’t going to hear them. So lesser-known artists really need that kind of platform when they’re coming through.” 

“Gender balance is a big thing”, affirmed Mags, “giving female artists a voice as well. I don’t think women in country music get a fair crack at things, and that’s something that Mike and the team at Downda Road Radio are very passionate about as well. It always amazes me the talent that’s actually out there. I’ll get stuff sent through to me, and I’ll end up thinking, ‘Oh my days! How have I not heard of this person before?!’ Why aren’t they bigger already? Why aren’t they being recognised in the industry? But if they’re not being heard, if they’re not getting airplay, that’s what happens.” 

        Having already been involved with the station, what were the factors that led to Mags saying yes to an even more prominent role at Downda Road? 

“They’ve got a great vision, that’s first and foremost. And they’re building up a great brand. Mike and the team are very ethical, I like the way they think. They’re very fair in all that they do with artists and in supporting them in any way they can. I think they’ve got a real love of music. It’s country music, but we all know that umbrella is huge, it’s not just Irish country. When people talk about country music, sometimes all they think about is either Big Tom or Garth Brooks, but it covers so much more. And Downda Road knows that.  That’s why there’s something within the station’s schedule for everyone really.” 

          The great thing about country music is that there’s no age-range that defines when an artist’s career can begin or for how long it can continue. So for new artists these days, be they young or emerging at a different stage of their lives, what are some of the most important things Mags thinks they need to remember? As someone who is so well-known within the industry, and who is about to step into an even bigger role than before, what kind of advice would she pass on? 

“Well, Norman Borland is a great example of an artist who is relatively new and emerging, but doesn’t fall into the ‘young’ category, isn’t he. And as you say, that’s what’s so great about country music. He had decided to walk away from things, but by chance he and I had a conversation that led to him getting in touch with some people, and look at him now. He’s back, he’s doing it, and what a loss he would have been. That’s the sort of thing that drives me forward, being able to support people like that in whatever way I can. And Mike and the team at Downda Road Radio have that same passion.” 

          “In terms of advice”, Mags continued, “artists have to have that drive to want to achieve. Everyone knows it takes a long time to become that ‘overnight success’, and it takes a lot of hard work. You need to build up relationships with the fans, and with radio stations as well, with people who can promote them. It’s a two-way street, I feel. It’s always good to get feedback from artists when you’re playing their music. And with fans, you have to be personable when you have a gig. You have to take that time to have a meet-and-greet, to have those interactions. You need to give people your time, you build up your fanbase from that. And I think the most successful artists do that.” 

Tune into Mags twice a week on Downda Road Radio

          Once upon a time, terrestrial stations were the only outlet for artists of any genre, and apart from actual records themselves or live shows, the only source of music for fans. In recent times, of course, that musical landscape has been entirely transformed by a digital revolution. Already, within just a few years of being operational, Downda Road Radio has evolved from being simply another radio station, to being a highly visible digital brand. The station has a monthly social media reach averaging 300k, with 40% of that being accounted for in Ireland, and the UK not far behind on 35%.

          Given all of those factors, how important a role does Mags believe a station like Downda Road will play in country music in the years ahead? 

“We have stations that play certain genres that are within country music. But the likes of Downda Road are giving a platform to many, many different, and more modern styles of country music. That’s something that people – fans – haven’t had before. On the social media side of things, the reach we’ve been achieving so far, that’s all been done without an in-house specialist up to now, but we have someone coming in specifically to cover that area soon. That should continue to give that area every chance to grow even more. And it’s a side of things that is so important to artists as well, for how they can reach their fans and make new fans. For the world we’re in now, everything to do with having a digital presence is another vital way for fans to discover new music and new artists, and in parallel, for artists to build their fanbase. On the music side, as I was saying, we’ll be offering a wide variety of country music for our listeners, and that means we’ll be able to introduce people to music and artists that they might not have known about before. When I play stuff on my shows, I tend to like to mix it up a bit. And I’ll often get people coming back to me asking, ‘Wow, who was that?’, or ‘Where are they from?’, and that kind of variety is important.” 

          And just in case fans are worried that her new role as Operations Manager will result in Mags taking a step back from the mic, well that won’t be happening anytime soon…

“I certainly will be continuing to present my own show! It’s something that I love doing. It’s a passion of mine to be a voice for artists through my show on the station, both newer and more established artists as well. I have a passion for listening to music, so I like to share the music I’m enjoying with my listeners. And I certainly will be carrying on, I won’t be stopping that. Definitely not! I’m the sort of person who’ll have to be carried away from music kicking and screaming.”

~ For more information on Downda Road Radio, check out the station’s official website at 

You can also follow Downda Road Radio on Facebook and Instagram. 


Larissa Tormey


Press Release via AS Written, May 2022


Larissa on stage during the VOICES FOR PEACE concert (Photo Credit: John Finnerty)

A star-packed line-up of country music artists joined singer/songwriter LARISSA TORMEY for a sold-out fundraising concert in aid of UKRAINE last month, raising almost €3,000 for the IRISH RED CROSS and their work relating to the war-torn country. 

        “I knew that anything we might be able to do would only be small compared to what’s needed right now”, confessed Larissa looking back on the concert. “But because of the scale of what’s happening”, she continued, “I also knew that I had to do something to try and help, and as soon as we could. So I also knew that whatever funds we could raise would definitely do some good. And I’m so grateful to every single person who lent their support to the success of the night in any way.”

          The VOICES FOR PEACE concert was hosted by the TUAR ARD Arts Centre in Moate on April 14th, and as well as a line-up of top entertainers including Eurovision legend Charlie McGettigan, and with Eddie Rowley of the Sunday World as MC. The event also featured a stunning backdrop of blue and yellow, the colours of the Ukrainian flag, created by Midlands based events planner LiaQbell who recently decorated Dublin’s Mansion House for the Team Ireland Olympic Ball. The presence of the backdrop became all the more poignant when close on forty Ukrainians who are now living in Tullamore arrived as the night’s special guests. 

         And on a night where love was the theme, and peace the rallying-call, there were several more emotional moments. One of the most captivating came with the first performance of the night as a wonderfully talented Ukrainian family from Athlone – the Selve family, mother Kateryna, and her children Athenias, Ariane-Eugenie, and Aristide – in traditional Ukrainian dress, performed one of their country’s most-loved folk songs. Larissa then joined the family on-stage to perform Blackthorn Is In Blossom. At the evening’s end, several of the night’s guests from Ukraine made their way to Larissa to show their appreciation with hugs. 

          For Larissa, it was a night that proved music, love, and peace are what will always unite the world…

          “So many helped to make our ‘Voices For Peace’ concert possible, and a success, and it was such a positive and powerful experience. I was so happy that some of our friends from Ukraine were able to join us and see how much we care, and how much we all want to see peace return to their country and to their lives. Music will always be a source of love in this world.” 

MC Eddie Rowley brings all of the night’s performers back on stage for the VOICES FOR PEACE grand finale
(Photo Credit: John Finnerty)

      Joining Larissa and Charlie McGettigan on the evening’s bill were Glór Tíre 2022 winner Aishling Rafferty, Glór Tíre 2020 finalist Alex Roe, and Glór Tíre judge Caitriona O’ Sullivan, plus crooner great Dave Lawlor with Ger O’ Brien, and Larissas duet partner on her current single, I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me, P.J. Murrihy. Nolan Sound were the event’s sound and lighting partners.