Eoin Martin

First Published, March 2020


Tullamore singer-songwriter EOIN MARTIN features on RUN, the new single from Wob! which drops this Friday, March 13th.

If you’re a music fan and you’ve spent any decent amount of time in Tullamore over the past decade (and probably a little bit longer), then the chances are good that you’ve been entertained by the guitar wizardry of singer/songwriter EOIN MARTIN on many a night. Likewise, if you’ve spent any time on the ‘live’ scene in Dublin over that same period.  Well, 2020 is certainly shaping up to be another very busy year for Eoin. And on that very point, Eoin has a brand new single ready to drop this Friday! I caught up with the Tullamore native over the weekend, and that was the first thing I asked him about…

Yeah, ‘Run drops next Friday and it’s very exciting to be involved in Wob!’s Odysseyus EP project! Djollie – that’s Wob! by the way – approached me with something he was working on with me in mind, and it sounded great! I had just come out of the studio with Karl Odlum, the producer who has worked with the likes of Mic Christopher, The Frames, and Ham Sandwich, and went into Djollie’s studio the next day to do our first studio session for Run‘. It was such a fun experience doing something different, out of the singer/songwriter style. The contrast made things fresh and fun.. and we certainly created a great piece of art!”

Collaborating is something that a lot of musicians and songwriters are getting more and more into, or in some cases, are more willing to give it a go these days, and see what happens. I think you’ve always been open to trying different things like that…fair to say? And if so, what do you enjoy most about the collaborative process?

“Collaboration is something I’m arms open to this year! It‘s been a very interesting, enjoyable and refreshing experience so far with recent projects such as the cover of The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man video that I did with Dubh Lee and Shane May. Norah Knows recorded that with Karl Odlum and some very talented music friends. Yeah, music has always been a passion and these days it can be harder to have the time to spend working on songs. That’s something I feel I had neglected a little with the busy schedule of working fulltime on a shift work schedule in social care and part time with the Offaly Centre for Independent Living! The important thing for me is to get out and get involved in the scene, be it listening or playing. I’m very lucky to have a good tribe in Tullamore and Dublin and it’s crucial to be part of many little communities! I saw that Bri and Dubh Lee really made huge waves in Dublin and all around the country in the last year, and they really have put the work in on that. There is an awful lot going on behind the scenes and mainly on the computer/phone – with emails, release schedules, scheduled posts, all of these things – that make these women not just talented local heroes, but very inspiring individuals! It’s always lovely seeing the people you grew up with succeed and grow. Currently I have just been going out to support some of the members of the singer/songwriter community and trying to organize a wedding for this summer. So that’s keeping my hands full!”

There’s actually a little army of Offaly, and specifically Tullamore singer/songwriters, who are getting a lot of attention on the Dublin, and indeed the national scene of late, such as artists like Dubh Lee and Bri, whom Eoin just referred to. How important is that kind of ‘support system’ when it comes to both being an artist – and by that I mean the creative side of things, writing and recording- but also to the business side, trying to ‘make it’, or at least keep making progress?

“The support system is crucial, it keeps you active, informed and part of a bigger collective whether you want to ‘make it’ or not!  It’s not the path I choose to walk, but I see my musical projects as being real, and about making a mark and marketing effectively! I think making it is very objective these days! Many people have made it without the help of any major or indie record label. Hard work, talent, and good people around you can do a lot more than a temporary fifteen minutes of fame. That being said, one viral video can be hugely helpful to an act, too. One thing I really appreciate is being able to come home to my fiancé and our little dog for a while before going out to the singer/songwriter scene or at the end of a night playing music. It’s the little things in life that are very important to me!”

If Eoin was to find the offer of a record deal on the table from a major label tomorrow, is it something he’d sign?

You know what, afar as major labels go, I think those days of artists aspiring to be signed seems to be done, as Spotify and other digital giants decimate the price of streams for the artist. I mean, it takes something like 1.5 million streams to make the living alone!”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2020, what’s happening next for Eoin? And in the longer term, what is he aiming towards over the next two to three years? 

Well, as for the rest of this year I’ll be busy as usual and trying to find the time to squeeze out as much enjoyment from life as I can, musically and outside of music too! What’s there to write about without experience?!?”



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