Imelda Kehoe


Press Release via AS Written, May 2022


Imelda will take to the stage of the National Concert Hall on June 17th

For one night only, IMELDA KEHOE – who has been described by the writer, musician, and journalist Shane Dunphy as being, “…that rare thing: a singer of remarkable subtlety and emotional resonance who also writes songs that act as touchstones everyone can grasp” – will perform original songs from her latest album, How To Be Human, at the National Opera House on June 17th (ticket info here).

          With a set-list that will also include some classics by the likes of John Prine, Buddy Holly and more, Imelda – who will be accompanied by notable jazz musician Kevin Lawlor and his Trio – will treat her audience to a night of top quality entertainment. 

          Currently writing her third studio, and with an Irish tour also in the making, the journalist and songwriter Brendan Keane has noted of Imelda, that “While her style fits comfortably into the contemporary folk category, there is far more depth to her work than any one tag could accurately encompass.” That being so, it’s no surprise that Imelda has really created her own style, one influenced not just by folk, but also jazz, blues and elements of soul. 

          Imelda’s songs have received national airplay in Ireland and on radio stations worldwide such is their easy way of making listeners feel part of the stories they tell. Her unique voice and vocal performances draw listeners in close, with her “Beautiful, heart-breaking pop inspired songs that trip along and pull you in to their melodies and chord structures…”, that are, according to the songwriter, playwright and actor Billy Roche, “… reminiscent of Paul Weller’s ‘Butterfly Collector’ or ‘English Rose.'”

          The soundtrack to a childhood spent moving around and living in beautiful properties that her parents would renovate was her father’s record collection. And this audio-goldmine led Imelda into life-long love affairs with the music of Nat King Cole, Buddy Holly, Simon and Garfunkel, Mamas and Papas and the Beach Boys, to name only a few. She describes these early influences as shaping her love of good melody.  

          Imelda trained as a Nurse in Leeds, working in inner City A&E and Intensive Care departments, and she cites these experiences as being influential in her songwriting.  Having moved to Ireland some years back now, Wexford is now very much ‘home, sweet, home’ for Imelda. 

“You don’t need bells and whistles with a voice so honest and songs so beautifully classic in their arrangement. This album really did stop me in my tracks, and I am thankful for it.” – Bobby Green ( – on Imelda’s album, How to Be Human

“Her voice is of the folk-tradition, but it also brings a freshness and vitality that is both exciting, compelling and all her own.  Imelda’s songs are And distinctive, delicate powerhouses: leaping genres effortlessly, they often embrace unusual time signatures and challenging melodic structures, while managing to appear deceptively simple.  She is something very special.” – Shane Dunphy, Writer, Musician, Journalist. 

~ IMELDA KEHOE will perform songs from her latest album – HOW TO BE HUMAN – at the NATIONAL OPERA HOUSE on JUNE 17th. For more information on Imelda, check out her official website, For ticket info and booking, go to 


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