Donie O


Press Release via AS Written, March 2021


With the clocks going forward last weekend and a new-look website up and running, country entertainer DONIE O is eyeing up a summer single in the coming weeks. 

          Although the ‘live’ music scene remains in a state somewhat akin to suspended animation, the show – in as much as it can – must go on. And with longer days rolling slowly in, Donie O is confident that brighter days are on the way back for the music industry as well. And while the exact details of how and when normality will return remain a mystery to all of us, there are two things the Roscrea native is very sure of. One, is that now is the time to prepare, and for him part of that process means a new-look website. And secondly, it’s very nearly time for some new music! 

          “It’s been a long time now since anything felt normal. There are days you’d even forget what normal felt like, as if the way things used to be was actually nothing more than a dream almost. And yet, ya know, there’ll also be days – or moments in days, shall we say – when you forget that things aren’t normal anymore, and you’d go to check the diary for some reason or whatever. But I do believe that we’re getting closer all the time to being back in a good place, and we might even be closer than we know to when we get there. So I think it’s important for anyone in this business, notwithstanding the difficulties that we still have to deal with, to keep an eye on what we can still do right now, as well as making sure that we’re ready to get back to business as soon as the opportunity comes.”

          To that end, Donie O has just revamped his website and is also planning the release of an early summer single in the next few weeks. That track, which he’ll be announcing full details of in the coming weeks, will be the follow up to his most successful release to date, A Picture Of You. It will also become the second single to showcase what will be Donie O’s second album, scheduled – all going well – for release before the end of the year. 

          “It’s important to refresh every part of what you do as an artist every now and then, and a website is no different. In fact, your website might be more important than anything really, because that’s like your business headquarters online. Your social media is more for day-to-day stuff, so it all needs to be very fluid. So we took a look at the website over the last couple of months and just gave it a bit of a revamp.”

          Donie O continued, “It’s been hard to even get near a studio for most of the last year, of course, so that’s made recording anything extremely difficult. Luckily enough, we had work started on some tracks with Peter Maher, and that meant we were in a good position to at least keep advancing things bit by bit. We always had a fairly good idea of what the follow-up to ‘A Picture Of You’ would be anyway. So thankfully we’re now fairly close to the point where the last few parts of the songs have been taken care of, and things are nearly ready to go. We’re looking at an early summer release date, so please God we’ll be back on the radio with something new in early May or thereabouts.” 

~ To stay up to date with the latest info on Donie O’s new single and forthcoming album, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at Donie O Music. And you can check out his newly revamped website at 


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