Norman Borland


Press Release via AS Written, April 2021


As we hit the last stretch of road into the summer months, it’s not just the return of the sun as a welcome presence in our lives that will be keeping smiles on faces over the next few weeks. The added good news for country music fans is that NORMAN BORLAND is on his way back too, with his second single of 2021! AND…he has a very special guest lending his immaculate country-as-country-should-be vocals to the track.           Not only is AIN’T NO LITTLE THING the perfect tune to get your feet dancin’ towards brighter days in every way, it sees Norman tag-team with country star GERRY GUTHRIE to lead you all the way there. 
          From the pen of Oregon native John Bunzow, Ain’t No Little Thing has the kind of country credentials that will have connoisseurs of the genre rubbing their hands in excited anticipation of the single’s May 7th release. Taken from Bunzow’s Pete Anderson produced Stories of the Years collection (1995), Ain’t NoLittle Thing was also featured on the Where Love Goes compilation, alongside cuts from artists as eminent and revered as Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Emmylou Harris. Bunzow himself has been described by multiple Grammy-winning producer Ray Kennedy (Steve Earle, Billy Joe Shaver) as being an artist who, “…destroys the boundaries between great rock, country, r ‘n’ b, and soul music by owning his noteworthy sound.” 
          Little wonder then, that Norman, known for his own love of the traditional, true country style of song and recording, knew this gem was one he wanted to put his own stamp on as soon as he heard it…
           “I’m constantly looking for songs that people might not have heard, or maybe not heard in a long while. I’m talkin’ ’bout the kind of songs that have that country sound that’s so undeniably ‘country’, it just changes your whole mood when you hear it. And let me tell you, this song falls right into that category. John Bunzow is such a fabulous writer. And you can tell by the quality of this song that it owes its existence to a man who has graced the Grand Ole Opry, and who has shared stages with people like Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Carl Perkins, and Trisha Yearwood. It’s a song that’s just begging to be part of a good time, and I think – and hope – that’s why fans will love it.” 
          Indeed, so convinced was Norman of the song’s feel-good factor, that he knew exactly what it needed to really highlight that quality…another voice. And there was one man in particular in Norman’s phonebook who he’d been waiting for an excuse to call…
          “No word of a lie, at the same time as I knew I definitely wanted to cut this song, I knew that I wanted to make it into something a little special by bringing another voice to the party, so to speak. And Gerry was the man that came to mind straight away for this one. There wasn’t even a list! That’s how sure I was that it was Gerry we needed on here. And I was delighted – honoured – when he said, sure, let’s do it. For my money, Gerry is one of the best country voices we’ve ever had. And trust me, for me to have him sing on this record, well that sure ain’t no little thing for me!” 

~ AIN’T NO LITTLE THING, the brand NEW single from NORMAN BORLAND, featuring GERRY GUTHRIE, will be available on all platforms from Friday, May 7th. 


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