Leanne Rowlette


Press Release via AS Written, May 2021


When most people set out on a singing career, regardless of what age they begin, it tends to be a slow and steady start to things before any kind of attention comes their way. All the signs so far, though, are that Sligo teen LEANNE ROWLETTE definitely doesn’t fall into that ‘most people’ category. 

          The youngster from Dromore West will only turn sixteen in May, but she’s already been creating quite the stir on the Irish country music scene, with two EPs and four music videos to her name so far. Leanne first came to the attention of music fans back in 2017 when a homemade video of her singing the Scottish folk song Wild Mountain Thyme (often known as Will Ye Go Lassie Go, or Go Lassie Go) was uploaded to YouTube by her dad, Sean. And just to prove the strength of Leanne’s country credentials, and to show that they’ve been there right from the very start…she was driving a tractor while she sang. A girl can hardly get more country than that!  

          With no musical talent having ever been in evidence elsewhere in the family, Sean’s only aim was to share the joy of this unexpected discovery with others. However, that simple ‘proud dad’ moment ignited a response that was even more unexpected, resulting in a staggering 50,000 plus views of the video from all around the world in only a matter of hours. In fact, the beauty – and the power – of Leanne’s vocal gift resonated with so many and carried so far, that peoples’ appreciation for it could only be met and satisfied in one way, and that was by the song becoming the first that Leanne ever recorded. 

          The National Ploughing Championships is one of the biggest outdoor events of any kind in Europe. And in the summer of 2019, it was the scene of a second moment of note in Leanne’s young career. With close to three-hundred-thousand people in attendance over the course of the three day event in Carlow, with the entertainment main-stage being one of the focal points of the event. 

          Alex Roe, now firmly established as one of the biggest names among the next generation of Irish country’s young stars, had just been announced as a contestant on the long-running TG4 show Glór Tíre, under the mentorship of Trudi Lalor. Having performed on the main-stage during the Ploughing’s three-year stint in Tullamore, Roe was invited back to entertain fans in Carlow.

          Already aware of and impressed by Leanne’s prodigious talent, the Offaly man graciously invited Leanne to join him during his set, giving the then fourteen year-old the kind of break so many aspiring young artists can only dream of. Leanne wowed fans and organisers alike, belting out three songs in a row with all the ease of a showbiz veteran, keeping the dancefloor full, and earning herself an invitation to return the following day. 

          Leanne has released two official singles to date. Her 2020 version of the Holly Dunn penned Daddy Hands from the mid-eighties, and earlier this year a cover of the Victoria Banks and Rachel Proctor co-write, Drinking With Dolly, originally released by Stephanie Quayle in 2016. She has also recorded versions of Caledonia, Country Roads, Hard Times, Hillbilly Girl, A Girl With A Fishing Rod, Finally Home, and Jealous of the Angels, all with Brian Kerrigan at Harmony recording studio in Donegal.

          Leanne has also filmed official music videos for Go Lassie Go, Caledonia, Jealous of the Angels, and Finally Home, all of which are available on her YouTube channel.

          Even though Covid has caused all kinds of chaos for the music business in the past year, Leanne has been busily combining her studies with time dedicated to the recording studio whenever it’s been safe to do so. And now, as summer approaches, she’s looking forward to sharing some of that new music with fans.

          When the music world returns to normal again, it’s a safe bet to say that the name of Leanne Rowlette is one we’ll be hearing a lot more of.

~ Both of Leanne’s official singles, Daddy’s Hands and Drinking With Dolly, are available on all digital platforms and to request from radio. You can follow Leanne on Facebook (Leanne Rowlette Music), on Instagram (leannerowletteee), and on YouTube (Leanne Rowlette). 


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