Larissa Tormey


Press Release via AS Written, December 2021


Singer/songwriter LARISSA TORMEY has released her Christmas single this year. The Russian-born, Killbeggan based entertainer has recorded a very special version of one of her favourite seasonal numbers, SILENT NIGHT. The record has already gone to radio, meaning that it’s available for request nationwide, and became available to fans via all digital platforms on Friday, November 26th. 

Speaking about the single, Larissa shared that for her, it only really feels like Christmas when she finally gets a chance to sing Silent Night…

          “I think for most people, hearing or singing ‘Silent Night’ is as much a part of it being Christmas as putting up a tree, or building snowmen, or writing letters to Santa. It’s a song that feels like it’s been around forever, and feels like it belongs to the entire world. I remember as a child myself, how enchanting and peaceful it always was to hear this song. So I’ve always wanted to record it some day, and share my version of it with fans and anyone else who might come to hear it and hopefully like it.”

          Written as a Christmas carol by Franz Gruber in 1818, to lyrics by by Joseph Mohr in the small town of Oberndorf bei Salzburg in Austria, the most famous rendition of the Silent Night, and perhaps the definitive one, belongs to the American crooner and film star Bing Crosby. His 1935 version – at last count – had amassed a whopping ten million sales as a single. 

          While Bing’s achievement seems sure to stand the test of time for a few more winters yet, Larissa has definitely added her personal stamp of originality to her take on the song that was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) back in 2011. What always proves to be one of the most popular songs in her set-list is her beguiling dual-language offering of Danny Boy, singing the old Irish classic in both English and her native Russian. And that’s a treatment that she’s now applied to Silent Night as well. 

          “People have always loved hearing ‘Danny Boy’ performed in both English and Russian, I think it adds another dimension to the song, and to its beauty. Even when you might not understand the words, you can still really feel what the song is about through the music. And it seemed to me that ‘Silent Night’ also shares that same sense of magic. It will find its way to your heart all by itself, all you have to do is listen. More music, and more listening, that’s what we all need a little more of!” 

          Produced by Glen Flynn, the idea for Larissa to finally go ahead and take her version of Silent Night into the recording studio was sparked by Hot Country TV founder and host, Hugh O’ Brien. The Corkman suggested it to Larissa for last year’s Hot Country Christmas Concert, which will be repeated this year (check out the Hot Country TV Facebook page for full details). Having heard and seen peoples’ reactions to Larissa’s version of Danny Boy, O’ Brien encouraged her to follow the same path with Silent Night, something for which Larissa remains grateful. “Hugh has always been a great supporter of my music since I came to Ireland, and he’s a great man for ideas, and ways to put a little twist on things.” 

          For fans who would like to hear Larissa sing her version of Silent Night, there’s a chance coming their way on Friday, December 17th (previously scheduled for Saturday, the 18th, so please note the change of date), when she’ll be performing a special online Christmas Concert at 4pm via her official Facebook and YouTube accounts. All donations from the event will go to charity, with Larissa set to reveal all the details about that soon on her social media and website,

SILENT NIGHT, performed in English and Russian, is the new Christmas single from LARISSA TORMEY, now available to request from all radio stations nationwide and beyond, and also available to stream and download from all digital platforms.


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