Press Release via AS Written, June 2022


MARGO, the ‘Queen of Country and Irish’

For country music fans in the midlands, one of the biggest nights of the year – and one of the most eagerly anticipated as well – is now only weeks away as the legendary MARGO prepares to return to Tullamore next month. 

          Margo, whose place in Irish entertainment history is already eternally enshrined, will perform at the Tullamore Court Hotel on July 20th as one of the stops on her 70th Birthday Celebration Concert Tour

          Known affectionately within the country scene as the ‘Queen of Country and Irish’, Margo‘s honesty about her life and times – both onstage and off – has endeared ‘the girl from Donegal’ to fans for decades now, including many for whom country music might otherwise have held less appeal. 


Speaking a few years back, on the occasion of a special tour to celebrate her fifty-five years in music, Margo talked about returning to touring after being off the road for a while. In what offered a good indication of how she probably feels about hitting the road again after the music industry’s Covid lay-off, Margo made her love for her fans – and indeed, her acknowledgement of their love for her – very clear…

          “You know the thing I would miss most – cos’ I’d always still sing away – but the thing I’d miss most is not being out there and touring, being with the people. I really missed that contact. My audience are very loving, they’re very caring people who come to see me. And I sort of know a lot of them on a personal basis, they’re more than fans to me. They’re really friends that I’ve got to know on the road to where I am today.” 

          At that time, Margo also went on to say, “I suppose when I look back, I can remember the very beginning [of my career], and it doesn’t seem that long ago, even though it’s fifty-five years. It’s kind of unreal. When I started out, I never, ever thought that I would still be singing the way I am this far down the line.” 


With this tour celebrating her 70th birthday (she was born on February 6th, 1951, but the original dates on this tour were postponed due to Covid), no-one can doubt Margo’s love of performing for her many friends and fans all around Ireland is still as strong as ever.

To help her celebrate her big night in Tullamore, Margo will be joined by some dear friends who are also stars of the Irish country scene. Namely Reach Out radio co-founder TRUDI LALOR, and MICK FOSTER of Foster & Allen, with Mick being joined by his true ‘better-half’, his wife, MOYRA FRASER. Young star ALEX ROE – whom Trudi mentored all the way to the final of TG4’s Glór Tíre in 2020 – is also expected to make an appearance on the night. 

~ MARGO performs at the TULLAMORE COURT HOTEL on her 70th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION CONCERT TOUR, on JULY 20th. Tickets are ON-SALE NOW from hotel reception, or by calling 05793-46666


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