Press Release via AS Written, July 2022


The legendary MARGO is on her way back to the midlands later this month, when her 70th Birthday Celebration Concert Tour rolls into the Tullamore Court Hotel on July 20th. And ‘the Queen of Country and Irish’ is excited to meet her midlands fans again. 

          “What I do [these days] is I tend to go the evening before and stay over, then have a soundcheck and a run-through [on the day of the show]. I like to be there to try and see the people when they’re coming in. I like to see them before they sit down if I can at all. I remember I did it in Tullamore the last time I was in it, I met them along when they were queuing. And I’ll meet everybody in Tullamore this time too. I’ll be down there in Tullamore the night before.” 

          Like so many artists in the music business, the sudden-stop that Covid put to live shows of all kinds meant that Margo was unable to do what she loves most. But worse than just that, she was unable to see and meet the people who matter most to her, her fans. In fact, Margo has always considered the people who come to see her perform as being friends far more than simply fans, once remarking, “My audience are very loving, they’re very caring people who come to see me. And I sort of know a lot of them on a personal basis, they’re more than fans to me. They’re really friends that I’ve got to know on the road to where I am today.” 

          Speaking about her return to the stage for the first time after the Covid enforced lay-off, Margo said, “It was wonderful. The first night was the Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny, and honest to God, it was like turning the clock back. People say it’s a drug [performing], it is. To see all those wonderful people again, for them to be so happy in your company. To just look down [from the stage], and think, they’re all here because of me. They couldn’t pay me a bigger compliment. So how did I feel? I felt about ten–foot tall. And everytime I walk out and I see the people, it’s the same thing. There’s no other feeling like it.” 

          Margo continued, “There’s nothing like walking out on the stage and seeing all those familiar faces that I’ve got to know all down through the years. The people that come to see me now, I nearly know them all. They’re great people. As I say, and I always say it to Daniel: never forget that we wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for the people. I wear my heart on my sleeve when I go out on the stage. And I love those people, the fans. They’ve given me everything that I have. God gave me a voice, and he’ll take it when I go. But the people – the fans – gave me my life.

          Margo has also released a very special four-disc album to mark her 70th birthday, Margo – 70 Songs. Featuring songs like ShanagoldenBonny Irish Boy, and Pocketful Of Dreams, plus duets with brother Daniel, country icon Dolly Parton, the late Larry Cunningham, Maura O’ Connell, and more, this collection is, as Margo puts it herself, “songs from the heart”.

          “Country music is about teardrops, heartache, and makin’-up. And I wanted to include all of them [those songs on this album]. There’s some new songs on it too, that have never been released before. I sat and I picked every one of those songs myself and I gave them to the record company. So let the people out there know that these songs are for them. They’re songs that people have asked me about somewhere along the line, down through all of my years in music. And I wanted to feature some of those songs that weren’t probably heard all that much.” 

          Looking ahead to her return to Tullamore, Margo asserts,“On the day [of a show], it’s all about the people. From the beginning, to the very end”. 

          However, with her love for her fans matched by the love they have for her in return, we have a feeling that – however much she likes to keep the spotlight on others – her return to the midlands will see those fans making the day very much about the one and only Margo. 

~ MARGO’S 70th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION CONCERT TOUR comes to the TULLAMORE COURT HOTEL on July 20th. Joining Margo on the night will be her special guests TRUDI LALOR, MICK FOSTER, MOYRA FRASER, and ALEX ROE. Tickets are available now from hotel reception, or by calling 05793-46666. 


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