Norman Borland


Press Release via AS Written, August 2022


Norman Borland’s new single is available on all platforms from August 5th.

It was never part of the original plan that the follow-up to NORMAN BORLAND’s first release of 2022– January’s Jon Philibert penned, She Don’t Look That Lonely To Me – wouldn’t drop until August. But here we are, heading into the eight month of the year and at last, YOU LIED TO ME is all set for general release across all platforms on FRIDAY, AUGUST 5th .

So, why the unusually long wait between songs for a man who is famous for hardly ever being out of the recording studio? Well, as Norman himself explains, it was actually a great situation that he found himself in…

“We were confident that ‘She Don’t Look That Lonely To Me’ would be well received simply because it’s such a great song by Jon. And we knew we’d done it justice in the studio as well, myself and Brian Kerrigan, who I always record with. But even at that, the actual response has blown me away, it truly has. Long story short, ‘She Don’t Look That Lonely To Me’ is the most successful song of my recording career so far.”

Norman continued, “It’s kept picking up plays ever since it went to radio back in early to mid-January. So as the summer was approaching, and we were looking at the usual mile-marker for when we’d put out something new, I just said no, let’s just give this one a little more time for folk to keep enjoyin’ it.”

But now that the time has come to follow it up, Norman’s expert eye – and ear – for picking out a country song of the finest quality has once again come to the fore. His choice of YOU LIED TO ME, from the songbook of Bill Anderson, one of country music’s iconic songwriters, will delight fans. First recorded by Charlie Walker in November of 1966, the song was also one of the thirteen chosen by the late Charley Pride for his final album, 2017’s Music In My Heart. With Norman being a life-long fan of Charley’s, it’s no surprise that this was where he first came across YOU LIED TO ME, and why he wanted to record it himself too…

“I remember when that ‘Music In My Heart’ album came out, because it had been about six years at that stage, I think, since Charley’s previous album, ‘Choices’. So I was as excited as any Charley fan anywhere, I can tell you that, and when I finally got to listen to it, ‘YOU LIED TO ME’ was a song that just hit me straight away. It has that real old-time country feel to it as a song, and when you hear that Bill Anderson wrote it – the man who also gave us ‘Still’, and ‘Bright Lights and Country Music’, and ‘Five Little Fingers’, and so many more – you can understand why it has that timeless feel.”

“Whenever I’m asked to describe myself as an artist”, shares Norman,” I say it’s as simple as this: I’m a country singer singing country songs. And YOU LIED TO ME is definitely as country a song as they come. I hope I’ve done it justice, and that Charley would like it if he could hear it now.”

YOU LIED TO ME was also recorded by Tracy Byrd in American country music’s most recent ‘golden era’, the 90s, featuring on his 1995 Love Lessons album, the third long-player from the country neo- traditionalist.

¬ YOU LIED TO ME, the brand NEW single from NORMAN BORLAND, will be available to download and stream on all platforms from FRIDAY, AUGUST 5th, and to request from radio stations nationwide from TUESDAY, JULY 26th. 


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