Mick Citern Walsh


Press Release via AS Written, October 2022


For singer/songwriter, MICK CITERN WALSH, 2022 has already been a busy year, with the prolific recording artist already having no less than three releases to his credit. And, true to form, the Waterford native who now lives in Kilkenny, is about to close out the year with not just one more single, but two! And both in the month of October at that. 

Mick‘s latest single – The Twenty-One Steps (The Butterslip Song) – was only released in September. But as the autumn evenings began to make their presence known, his mind returned to a song he recorded a couple of years back, but never officially released as a single, HALLOWEEN NIGHT. As Mick himself so sagely puts it, “I suppose there’s really only a small window of opportunity to bring out a song with a title like that!” 

“I did a few things with it when I wrote it first”, reveals Mick, “but I didn’t give it much of an official release or anything like that, although I did send it to radio and I seem to remember that it picked up a play on RTE Radio 1 around then”, he confirms.

“I think what happened is that Halloween comes around and then goes again so quickly. And once it passes, you’d tend to forget about it until the next year. But then next year, you might not think of it in time, and so it would be the same story all over again [laughs]. And over the last few years too, we’ve all had so much else on our minds that songs this specific might not have had the kind of room to breathe that you’d like them to have.” 

He continued, “As for the song itself, it’s one that kind of has a special place in my heart. There’s a certain drama to it, as you might expect given the subject matter, of course. But there’s also a childlike innocence to the song too, especially in the chorus, I think. You might even say the chorus has hints of a lullaby about it. So I decided that this year the song deserved more attention on my own side first of all, and whatever happens after that – as always with any song – is in the hands of the Gods. Or the ears of the listeners, as the case may be!”

“So it’s going back out to radio again, and it will be available on all digital platforms from Friday, October 14th as well”, revealed Mick, adding, “And this time the song will actually be available to pre-add and pre-save too. That link is available on my Facebook page right now for anyone who would like to do that.”

Halloween Night will follow on from Mick’s earlier releases this year, the aforementioned The Twenty-One Steps (The Butterslip Song) in September; May’s poignant reflection on the war in Ukraine, Outside The Daffodils Will Rise Again; and The Seventy Nine to Ballyer in July. 

Mick will release his fifth single of 2022, another original from his own pen, Katie Rua Power, later this month. 

A man whose prolific creative output is matched by his love of performing, Mick also organises and oversees one of the longest-running music sessions in Ireland, with the Monday night event in Cleere’s of Kilkenny being a feature of the Marble City’s cultural landscape for thirty years now. 

And for those who might not be able to make it along there, there’s also a chance to hear Mick perform his new single, a selection of releases from his back-catalogue, as well as some of his personal favourites from other artists on his regular Facebook ‘Live’ every Sunday night at 9pm (on his official Mick Citern Walsh Facebook page).

For more information, please contact: mickciternwalsh@gmail.com


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