Emma Donohue


Press Release via AS Written, October 2022


As recording gets underway for the 2023 edition of TG4’s long-running show GLÓR TÍRE, its 2021 winner EMMA DONOHUE found herself with another reason to celebrate in recent weeks. Now, the young country star has a new official title: Nurse Donohue!

          Emma announced her arrival on the Irish country music scene back in 2019 with her version of Rambling Man. That was followed by 2020’s Coat of Many Colours and fan-favourite I Fell In Love, before cutting her take on Isla Grant‘s Love Me Tonight during her successful Glór Tíre campaign. And truth be told, there was probably only ever going to be one tribe that emerged victorious when the Galway girl was hand-picked by her Glór Tíre mentor, the ‘Galway Boy’ himself, Mike Denver

          Now, having combined that challenge of performing on ‘live’ television with both her studies and working on the frontline during the height of the pandemic, the Mullagh native has earned the ultimate reward for her work-ethic and commitment: first class honours in her exams. 

          And Nurse Donohue admits to breathing a sigh of relief at the news! 

          “Seeing those results in black and white at last, it was a bit of a sight for sore eyes alright, I won’t lie”, laughs Emma. “And it’s not that I’d be the kind to doubt myself or anything, although I am a bit of a notorious overthinker at times! But during the last couple of years, between the music, and trying to study, and then working at the same time as well – and we have a farm at home too – I had a lot going on all at the same time. And there would have been moments along the way – when you’d just be so exhausted – that you’d think to yourself alright, God, will I ever actually get to the end of this road at all?”

          Emma continued, “So that’s what getting those results meant for me. It was the end of that particular road. That very long road! [Laughs]. It was a very proud moment for me, and for my family who have supported me through everything, to finally get to that moment where I can officially call myself Nurse Donohue. No more than Glór Tíre, and having a career in country music, this is also something that has always been a dream of mine.” 

          While the demands of her studies and her nursing career have by necessity somewhat curtailed her musical adventures since winning Glór Tíre, fans will be happy to know that Emma has been back in the studio recently. Collaborating once again with her long-time producer Enda Dempsey, the follow-up to her last single, 2021’s Wrong Night, is well underway and the current work-in-progress might even make it onto our playlists before the year’s end. But if the single becomes her first of 2023 as well as her first since Wrong Night, that’s fine with her too. Emma’s work in the health service has provided the perfect perspective for dealing with some of the music world’s inevitable delays… 

          “Once upon a time – and it’s not a long time ago [laughs] – I would have let myself get very stressed if I thought things weren’t going as fast as I expected them to, or wanted them too. But truthfully, some of the things you see people face and have to deal with when you’re a nurse, they remind you about the things that really are important in life, and the things that you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about. On the music side of things, I’m in control of my own career. So if dates need to change around the release of a record sometimes, then that’s ok, the date changes, simple as that. No problem. Everything will eventually happen in its own good time.”

          “Ideally”, continued Emma, “we’ll be good to go with the new single in the next few weeks. That’s if everything goes to plan. But if things don’t work out like that, then that’s fine too. I’m so excited about sharing this song with people when the time comes, that I genuinely don’t mind if that means early in the new year either. This single will show people a side of me that they haven’t seen before, and that I’ve never had a chance to show before. So in more ways than one, it’s going to be something completely new from me!”

~ You can follow Emma on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok by searching EMMA DONOHUE or EMMA DONOHUE MUSIC. You can stream Emma’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, and all major platforms, and find out when she’ll be performing at a venue near you by visiting her official website, www.emmadonohuemusic.com 


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