Molly O’ Connell


Press Release via AS Written, October 2022


If her first two singles gave Irish country fans every indication that Tipp woman MOLLY O’ CONNELL might well be a voice they’d be hearing from for a long time to come, then her new record is certainly going to confirm that belief.

The Kilcommon native has just released her third single – DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER – which dropped on October 10th. And it’s not just her velvet vocals that are turning peoples’ heads. It’s the songs that Molly is lending those vocals to, because her new single will also be her third original to hit the airwaves. 

Like Crazy Crazy Baby and Waltz A Lifetime With You before it, DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER comes from the impressive songbook of Stephen Hamilton. This immediately catchy number sees Molly pick up the pace again after the beautiful and unabashed celebration of love that was Waltz A Lifetime With You. And that fact is something that’s sure to delight those who always have their dancing shoes ready to go! 

“It’s definitely a floor-filler of a song, so it is”, declares Molly. “The first time Stephen played it for me, I even remember thinking how much I’d love to dance to it myself, so that was a good sign straight away”, she laughs. “After having a great uptempo number as my debut single with ‘Crazy Crazy Baby’, and then following that up with a very different kind of song in ‘Waltz A Lifetime With You’, both of which gave me a chance to show contrasting sides to who I am as a recording artist, we always knew that we’d want to pick up the pace again with whatever came next. And ‘Don’t Judge The Book By Its Cover’ is the perfect song to do exactly that.” 

With DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER marking Molly and Stephen’s third collaboration, and with big plans developing in the background for what 2023 will bring, there’s every chance that the pair could be on their way to nailing down a unique position for themselves on the Irish country scene where covers still dominate the landscape.

“Well it’s very important for me to try and find a place of my own as an artist. Because for one thing, there are so many amazing female voices out there. I couldn’t even start naming them all or I’d be talking all day! But to really stand out for who you are as an artist in your own right, no matter who you are, I’ve always believed that you need songs that are ‘your songs’. That way, when fans think of one of those songs, they think of you. There’s no question or confusion about whether it’s the version of a song by this artist or by that artist that they like best. If you record original material, then those songs are linked to you and you alone. So for that reason, meeting Stephen was a blessing for me. He’s such a wonderful songwriter, and we get on so well. It’s always exciting when he gets in touch and tells me he has another song that he thinks I’ll like, and he’s usually right!”

“Hopefully ‘Don’t Judge The Book By Its Cover’ is just the next one of many that we’ll be able to share with fans in the years to come”, continues Molly. “Right now, we’re just looking forward to people getting a chance to enjoy this one, and please God to enjoy many’s a dance to it as well. We actually released it on my birthday too, so we made it a double-celebration on October 10th!” 


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