Deirdre O’ Kane

First Published November 2022 THE PRACTISE OF GRATITUDE Part 2 To me, the way DEIRDRE O' KANE began her comedy career, the fact that she took on the challenge of Dancing With The Stars with so much success back in 2018, and the fact that she's also filled almost every possible role on tv - from show host, interviewer, … Continue reading Deirdre O’ Kane

Deirdre O’ Kane

First Published October 2022 THE ANARCHY OF COMEDY Part 1 More often than you might think, the sheer scope of someone's success can almost lead us to take their talent and achievements a little bit for granted. Take DEIRDRE O'KANE, for example. Mention her name to a lot of people, and chances are they'll know her … Continue reading Deirdre O’ Kane

Kylee Vincent

First Published January 2022 KYLEE'S HERE TO EXPRESS HERSELF If you were tuned into last Sunday night's episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS (DWTS) on RTE 1, you'll have seen professional dancer KYLEE VINCENT guide her celebrity partner, none other than Offaly's own comedy overlord NEIL DELAMERE, safely through to the next round of the show. And that next round … Continue reading Kylee Vincent

Neil Delamere

First Published December 2021 LIFE'S A DANCE "Yeah, we're about a week or so in. It's very enjoyable, I have to say. You're being trained by a world champion. I mean, how often do you get a chance to be trained by someone who's so talented at what they do? It's great fun. You get … Continue reading Neil Delamere


First Published November 2021 READY FOR ANYTHING Underestimate LAURA NOLAN at your own peril. That's pretty much the best way to sum up the woman who became one of the undoubted stars of this year's hit TV show, ULTIMATE HELL WEEK. If, before this year's series began, you only knew Laura from her role as one of the … Continue reading LAURA NOLAN