Neil Delamere

First Published March 2023 DELAMERIUM TREMORS BECKON If you're a comedy fan - and hey, who doesn't need all the laughs they can get these days?! - then there's no bigger night of the year than the annual return of NEIL DELAMERE to his home county. The 2023 edition of this gift to the soul is happening … Continue reading Neil Delamere

Louise Cody, aka ‘Classy Cody’

First Published August 2022 Part 2 CLASS PERSONIFIED Back in March we brought you Part 1 of our chat with Laois social media star LOUISE CODY. The lip-sync specialist, podcaster, influencer, model, and fitness fanatic is heading for a whopping 20k followers on Instagram, while over on her TikTok, she's already broken through the 80k … Continue reading Louise Cody, aka ‘Classy Cody’

Neil Delamere & Dave Moore

First Published June 2022 WHY WOULD THEY TELL US THAT?! One is instantly recognisable as being among Ireland's greatest comedians, selling out shows wherever he goes and regularly lighting up our TV screens with his appearances on The Blame Game. The other co-hosts one of the biggest radio shows that the people of Ireland have ever … Continue reading Neil Delamere & Dave Moore