Garth Brooks

First Published September 2022 A HERO'S HOMECOMING Garth Brooks finally made his return to Ireland on September 9th at Croke Park How do you describe what it feels like to finally experience something you've waited twenty-five years for? How do you put into words everything about THAT very moment, when the shadow of 2014 was also - at last - cast forever into … Continue reading Garth Brooks

Tony Holleran

First Published (in OTRT) February 2022 TONY HOLLERAN REMEMBERED First Published in the Tullamore Annual 2018.  MONDAY NIGHTS AT THE TAP - A TULLAMORE TRADITION Monday nights at The Tap. Five little words that have come to roll off the tongue with all the ease and comfort of a best friend's name, for so many … Continue reading Tony Holleran

Eurovision 2022/Brooke Scullion

First Published February 2022 NIGHT OF GLORY FOR BROOKE Last Friday was a night of glory for BROOKE SCULLION as the charismatic Derry singer/songwriter emerged triumphant from this year's selection process to become Ireland's Eurovision entry with THAT'S RICH. Brooke will now set her sights on Turin where she'll represent Ireland at the 66th edition of the EUROVISION SONG … Continue reading Eurovision 2022/Brooke Scullion

Garth Brooks

First Published July 2014 FOR BROOKS SAKE Firstly, as the last chance of any possible resolution to the GARTH BROOKS concert fiasco finally fades away into an epic failure of Craggy Island proportions (minus any funny side!), and the nightmare scenario of complete cancellation begins to unfold, let me be straight up about the fact … Continue reading Garth Brooks


First Published September 2021 MUSIC, 'LIVE' EVENTS, AND A GOVERNMENT THAT NEVER CARED Anyone who couldn't have foreseen the current government's appalling treatment of the music and 'live' events sectors simply hadn't been paying attention. The signs were on it right from the moment Catherine Martin T.D. was handed a portfolio that included responsibility for tourism, culture, arts, … Continue reading Editorial