Aisling O’ Donovan

First Published August 2022 "I'VE HAD THE SUMMER OF MY LIFE" Part 1 Aisling in a Charlotte Lucas design at this year's Galway Races As the summer's later days begin to drift closer to us, one of the great traditions of Irish life - the ROSE OF TRALEE Festival - also begins to come into view. The … Continue reading Aisling O’ Donovan

Charlotte Lucas/ Aisling O’ Donovan

NEWS Press Release via AS Written, June 2022 DESIGNER CHARLOTTE LUCAS TEAMS UP WITH TIPP ROSE AISLING O' DONOVAN Offaly designer CHARLOTTE LUCAS Offaly designer CHARLOTTE LUCAS has announced that she is teaming up with AISLING O' DONOVAN, the TIPPERARY ROSE 2022, for this year's ROSE OF TRALEE festival.            Now based in Dalkey, the Mount Lucas … Continue reading Charlotte Lucas/ Aisling O’ Donovan

Nadia Sayers

First Published May 2021 READY TO BE NOTICED Imagine your life being at a stage where the surreal somehow seems to become the norm. On the one hand, of course, life has probably been a little bit surreal for all of us over the past year. But for Belfast native NADIA SAYERS, the level of surreal … Continue reading Nadia Sayers

Laura Nolan

First Published February 2021 A RELENTLESS SPIRIT Part 2 In Part 1 of our chat with LAURA NOLAN, the World Champion dancer, tv star, model, reigning Miss Universe Leinster, and MISS UNIVERSE IRELAND finalist (Top Three) 2020, took us on a journey from the earliest days of her dancing career right up to being on our screen week-in and … Continue reading Laura Nolan

Laura Nolan

First Published January 2021 THE MOMENTS THAT MAKE US Part 1 Far too often there are far too many people who make the mistake of judging others - especially celebrities - based on the now, what they see of them today, without ever giving a moment's thought to how they actually got to where they are … Continue reading Laura Nolan