Louise Cody, aka ‘Classy Cody’

First Published August 2022 Part 2 CLASS PERSONIFIED Back in March we brought you Part 1 of our chat with Laois social media star LOUISE CODY. The lip-sync specialist, podcaster, influencer, model, and fitness fanatic is heading for a whopping 20k followers on Instagram, while over on her TikTok, she's already broken through the 80k … Continue reading Louise Cody, aka ‘Classy Cody’

Louise Cody

First Published March 2022 MEET 'CLASSY CODY' Part 1 I have to admit, when TikTok first came along, I hated it. Straight away. And wholeheartedly. It wasn't just another social media platform that you'd have to pay attention to (which was bad enough in itself), but here was one that seemed even more focused on … Continue reading Louise Cody