Ger Reidy

First Published May 2022 GETTING IT DONE Part 2 DS Ger Reidy has helped make SPECIAL FORCES - ULTIMATE HELL WEEK one of the best shows ever seen on Irish television There's definitely something different about interviewing men who have put their lives on the line as part of their actual 'day-job'. Men who have … Continue reading Ger Reidy


First Published November 2021 READY FOR ANYTHING Underestimate LAURA NOLAN at your own peril. That's pretty much the best way to sum up the woman who became one of the undoubted stars of this year's hit TV show, ULTIMATE HELL WEEK. If, before this year's series began, you only knew Laura from her role as one of the … Continue reading LAURA NOLAN

Ryan Andrews

First Published October 2021 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN "The thing about the breaking is, and they [the DS] said that from day-one, you need to be broken. In order for you to build, you need to be broken. Some people might go in - not that recruits did - but some people might go in … Continue reading Ryan Andrews

Ray Goggins

First Published October 2021 RANGER 22 Is ULTIMATE HELL WEEK the best show on Irish television right now? The answer to that question isn't simply a resounding YES, it's yes by a hell of a way. And one man who plays a major role in making this possible is DS RAY GOGGINS, the Chief Instructor on the hit show. But … Continue reading Ray Goggins