Justin McGurk


Press Release via AS Written, December 2020


YOU ARE is the brand new single from singer/songwriter JUSTIN McGURK and it will add all kinds of good-vibes and feelings of warmth to your world as we see out the final days of a crazy year. Released across all platforms on December 9th, You Are is a powerful song with an even more powerful music video accompanying it, and which stars model KATE GRANT.   


After twenty years in the music business, Tyrone man Justin had returned to University to become a mental health counsellor when he was inspired to write You Are. The song was co-written with Nashville based songwriter Cynthia Limbaugh Torres – who wrote In Lonesome Dove with Garth Brooks for his album, Ropin’ The Wind – when she visited Ireland a couple of years ago. You Are is filled with positive affirmations which teach us that by embracing our individuality and uniqueness, we are capable of achieving anything that we desire. 


And the star of the video for You Are is undoubtedly the brilliant and beautiful, Kate Grant, who also has Down Syndrome. The model, who, like Justin, is from Cookstown, is someone who perfectly personifies the affirmations in the video. Seeing Kate on the catwalk made a deep and lasting impression on Justin, who was greatly impressed by the radiant and resilient young woman that she is. Justin noted that while many see Down Syndrome as a disability, Kate herself on the other hand, sees it as her greatest asset.      


The fact that Kate has Down Syndrome isn’t completely revealed until near the video’s end, but when that reveal happens, it truly adds to the poignancy and importance of the affirmations we see throughout the video. In this cinematic music video, captured by 3FortyFive Films, Kate was styled by fashion and design house Blades & Beauty, and wears a stunning gown with a pair of superhero life-size angel wings.  


Kate is very much a star in her own right too, having already been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) from the Queen for “her services to the community in Cookstown.”

You Are was originally intended for an early 2021 release in order to coincide with the launch of Justin’s forthcoming book and new album, of which more details will soon be revealed. However, when Justin was shooting scenes for the video in an empty theatre, the sight of Kate just shining in her angel wings soon made him change his mind. Instead, Justin now feels that You Are is perfect for a Christmas release, and that this inspiring message of hope would be a great way to end what has been a very challenging 2020 for all of us. 

YOU ARE, the brand new single from JUSTIN McGURK, with a video starring KATE GRANT, is OUT NOW, available on all platforms and to request from radio. 


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