Sabrina Fallon & Shane Moore


Press Release via AS Written, December 2020


Country music stars SABRINA FALLON and SHANE MOORE have served up what might well be the romantic duet of the festive season with the release of their new single, CANDLELIGHT AND WINE.    


Usually by the time both singers make it to December, they’re coming to the end of what will already have been a jam-packed year, while also heading into some of the busiest weeks of their year too, as the Christmas party mood sweeps the land. This year, of course, well, it’s all been just a little bit different, to say the least! For Sabrina, who regularly features on the summer festival circuit and the concert season of autumn and winter, the chance to return to some kind of normality by hitting the airwaves again with a new record has in itself been the perfect Christmas gift… 


“It feels like it’s been the longest year ever, it really does. So first of all, even just getting back into the studio to lay down the new record with Shane was the best feeling ever. I had a single out back in the summer as well, ‘When Will I Be Loved’, but even that feels like forever ago now! So just being back in a studio again, back doing something that felt so normal again, it was amazing. I hadn’t been in the studio since before the summer anyway, so I was definitely missing it. And then to be able to work on such a gorgeous song with Shane, who is a really good friend of mine and has such a brilliant voice, it was so lovely to be able to do that after being so long without music.” 

Candlelight And Wine is an old folk song, written by Dermot O’ Reilly, who then recorded it with the band Ryan’s Fancy. Foster And Allen, Mick Galvin, and the groups Barleycorn and Fiddler’s Green have also recorded their own versions of Candlelight And Wine over the years, with the Fiddler’s Green rendition produced by Eamonn Campbell of the Dubliners in the city’s famous Windmill Lane studio.    


While gigs, shows, concert and festival appearances may have been missing from Sabrina’s world for most of 2020, she definitely wasn’t just sitting home twiddling her thumbs and watching the hands of the clock go round. The singer/songwriter, who also hosts her own weekly show on Spotlight TV – Country Time With Sabrina – also completed her Master’s Degree this year…


“I think we all have many sides to us, and I’m no different in that way, I suppose. Creativity is something that’s central to my life, be it in songwriting, or be it through my work with textiles and things like that. And sometimes, in strange times like these, both worlds – that of music and textiles – can merge. As part of my college work, I actually deconstructed some of the dresses that would have been my stage outfits, then reconstructed them in ways that I feel show how we’re all going to have to find a new way to live our lives now. And that’s in both the personal and the professional sense.  Something else that I had a close look at and worked on was the effects of Covid vulnerability. More than it just being something that really interests me personally, I think it’s something that we’ll all have to pay a lot of attention to in society as a whole now.”   


Candlelight And Wine, produced by Wayne Thorose, has proved an instant fan favourite at country radio since it’s release, featuring in the upper-heights on the airplay charts for several stations, including a climb all the way to #2 on the Irish Country Music Radio station chart, and to #3 on Midwest Radio. The single has even broken into the Top 30 and Top 40 on Midlands 103 and Tipp FM respectively, charts that are all-genre, which see Sabrina and Shane keeping company with Niall Horan, Miley Cyrus, and Gavin James. 

CANDLELIGHT AND WINE, the brand new duet from SABRINA FALLON and SHANE MOORE, is out now, available on all platforms and to request from radio. 


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