Aishling Rafferty


Press Release via AS Written, July 2021


AISHLING RAFFERTY continues her emergence as one of Irish country music’s brightest young performers with the release of her latest hit single, her fourth of 2021. And there’s a strong NATHAN CARTER connection to the song which Aishling has dedicated to her fans as her way of thanking them for their continued support.  


THANKS TO YOU comes from the pen of Nathan’s manager, the renowned songwriter JOHN FARRY. Originally written for Patrick Feeney, the song was both the title-track and the album opener on the Sligoman’s 2003 long-player. And for Aishling, it was the perfect way of letting her fans know just how much their love and support has meant to her. And John even had his own special good-luck message for Aishling, writing on Facebook, “Thanks to you for recording my song, ‘Thanks To You.’ Best of luck.” 


When she first announced the news of her new single on her social media, Aishling revealed, “This song is especially dedicated to you all as a way of saying a big thank you for your continued love, support, and the kind words from you all throughout my journey so far. I am extremely grateful.” And what a journey it’s already been for the Knockshegowna lass.    


All three of Aishling’s previous singles in 2021 have topped the iTunes Country Chart in Ireland, with Darling, Say You’ll Love Me When I’m Old taking the #1 spot in January, Truck Driving Woman following suit in March, and her latest vocal masterclass, the sentimental and heart-warming Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol Days), doing likewise upon its release back in May. And as much as such milestones matter to Aishling, and bring a smile to her face, what matters far more to the student of voice at the Irish World Academy, is the fact that her music can bring smiles to others…   


“What I actually miss most about being able to sing”, confessed Aishling, “is being able to see how the people right in front of you respond to the songs. From as long as I can remember, the feeling I get from seeing people smile just because they’re listening to me sing is just one of so much happiness. And that’s why I knew John’s song would be the perfect choice as my next single. Even though we can’t really get back up on a stage and sing to fans again just yet, all of the messages I keep getting from people telling me how much they enjoy listening to my songs at home or on the radio, it’s honestly been so humbling. And so overwhelming at times too, but in the loveliest of ways. So I really wanted to find a way to say thank-you to everyone. When I came across Patrick singing this song, I knew I’d found exactly what I needed. It was perfect!”   


Had Covid not been with us for the past sixteen months or so, there’s little doubt that Aishling would have graced concert and festival stages all across Ireland in that time. However, the good news for fans is that a chance to hear Aishling perform ‘live’ is finally coming their way. She’ll be joining Mike Denver, Colin Kenny, Sabrina Fallon, and Clodagh Lawlor for a Country Drive-In concert at the Star Trax Music Venue in Cork on Sunday, September 5th. And she can’t wait to take to the stage.    


“It still feels like it’s so far away, even though I know it’s actually not!”, she laughs. “I just can’t wait to get down there and see everyone. From Hugh and his Hot Country team, to all the other performers on the day, and of course, the fans as well. I think it’s going to feel more special than being on stage has ever felt before, just because now we all know how easily that feeling can be taken away. It’s not something that any of us would ever have taken for granted, don’t get me wrong. But now that we’ve been through such a long time when we just couldn’t sing anywhere at all, every chance to do what we love most is just something that we’ll appreciate all the more now.”Writing to her fans on the day of the single’s release, Aishling said, “I am so humbled by all the beautiful comments and messages I have received since my musical journey began. You are all helping my dreams come true, without you all, none of this would be possible. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This is only the beginning.”     


As well as penning Thanks To You, the song Aishling has chosen to be her brand new single, Fermanagh man Farry picked up Best Original Album honours for his Songwriter collection at the 2017 Hot Country TV Awards. He also secured his own special place in Ireland’s Eurovision history, when he penned our 1997 entry Mysterious Woman, which Marc Roberts took to within one place of ultimate glory, coming second to the UK entry, Love Shine A Light by Katrina and the Waves. 

THANKS TO YOU, the brand NEW single from AISHLING RAFFERTY, is OUT NOW on all platforms, and available to request from radio stations nationwide and around the world. You can follow Aishing on Facebook and Instagram at ‘Aishling Rafferty Music.’ 


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