Donie O


Press Release via AS Written, July 2021


DONIE O has 100,000 reasons to celebrate as his new single, EARLY MORNIN’ RAIN, has already passed the 100,000 impacts at radio milestone following its official release on June 18th.

          Returning to the airwaves with his version of the suitably reflective classic from the great GORDON LIGHTFOOT, the Peter Maher produced single once again bears all the hallmarks of a Donie O song, taking a track known and loved by a certain generation of music lover, and bringing it to a whole new audience by putting his own unique twist on it. 

          Now available on all digital platforms and to request at radio, the response so far has delighted the Tipp music man. “We had a feeling that this one might catch people by the heart a little bit. There’s just something about the song itself for a start, so beautifully and brilliantly written by Gordon Lightfoot. Despite its sadness in some ways, and how reflective it is, there’s also a wonderful comforting feeling to it. A warmth almost. And I think that’s something we’ve been able to really highlight in the production.”

Early Mornin’ Rain, which first appeared on Lightfoot’s 1966 debut album, Lightfoot!, and again on his 1977 collection, Gord’s Gold (as a re-recorded version), will be the second single from Donie O’s forthcoming second album. As the follow-up to last year’s huge radio hit, A Picture Of You, Donie O hopes this record will offer fans a further glimpse into the variety and range his new long-player will have to offer…

          “When I was deciding on what single to release next, I was doing it with the new album very much in mind. So I knew I wanted to pick a song that would reflect the fact that this album will be a miscellany of music. ‘A Picture Of You’, as that almost textbook, prime example of a feel-good, genre and generation crossing hit, was just the first glimpse into what’s to come. ‘Early Mornin’ Rain’, on the other hand, is a more considered, more thoughtful, and more solitary kind of song. And there’ll be some moments like this on the album, too. But we’ve also put a twist on this song that will bring it to people in a way they’ve never quite heard it before, I think.”

          With the single having already clocked up more than 100, 000 impacts at radio, and heading for three-figures in spins, Donie O is looking forward to the chance to get back in front of a ‘live’ audience to perform the song for fans.           

“No more than anyone else in my position, all I can do is sit and wait really. Even though that feels like it’s all that we’ve been doing for a fairly long time now! [Laughs]. But look, we’re nearer now to being where we want to be again, we have to be at this stage, and that’s a good thing. So from my own point of view, the reaction to the new single means that I can look forward to things returning to normal with added excitement as well, because this is something new that we haven’t had a chance to share with fans yet in any ‘live’ setting.” 

        While Lightfoot wrote the song and released it in 1966, he wasn’t actually the first artist to cut and bring it to public attention. That claim-to-fame rests with Canadian husband and wife pairing Ian and Sylvia who did so a year earlier. Early Mornin’ Rain was also recorded by Peter, Paul, and Mary, and by The Grateful Dead. 

~ EARLY MORNIN’ RAIN, the brand NEW single from DONIE O, is OUT NOW, available on all platforms and to request at radio stations nationwide. Donie O’ s second studio album is scheduled for release towards the end of 2021. 


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