Colin Kenny


Press Release via AS Written, February 2022


COLIN KENNY has announced a surprise for his fans across the country this week, with the news that he’s sending a brand new single to radio. From Friday, February 4th, NEVER SAID GOODBYE, written by the man himself – and taken from his highly impressive debut album, Annie – will be available to request from stations nationwide. 

          Having already built up quite a following on the country scene over the last few years, Colin, known by many as ‘the singing barber’, is very much in the public eye right now as one of this year’s contestants on GLÓR TÍRE. Now in its eighteenth season, the hit TG4 show has proved to be a hugely important milestone in the careers of many household names where country music is concerned; Lisa McHugh, Sabrina Fallon, and more recently Colin’s fellow Offaly native Alex Roe being just three. Another, of course, is Colin’s mentor this year, also hailing from the Faithful County, the brilliant OLIVIA DOUGLAS. 

          And as he prepares for the ‘live’ shows, the Banagher man has been quick to praise Olivia‘s contribution to his progress so far…

“Having Olivia as my mentor this year has been a real added bonus, to be honest, on top of just being on the show which is a great privilege in itself. Myself and Olivia have known each other for years, and it’s great watching her establish herself as one of the best-loved and most admired young female artists on the Irish country scene. The double benefit of that for me, is that Olivia has a wealth of knowledge to pass on now, both from her own time on Glór Tíre, and from everything she’s gone on to achieve since then. And she’s been more than generous, to both myself and to Rachel (McConnell, Olivia’s second contestant on the show), it must be said, in always making time to have a chat about what we should do.”

“But because we know each other from years back”, laughed Colin, “Olivia doesn’t have to be polite with me! She can tell me everything exactly as it is, and that can be a good thing at times, too, I think!” 

Never Said Goodbye will be the latest single Colin has released from his album, Annie. And it’s notable that the Borrisokane based barber has had a hand in the penning of all ten songs on that collection, with this particular track being one of a few that carries only his own name on the credits. Regardless of where his Glór Tíre journey comes to an end this year, one thing that’s for certain as far as the rest of his career is concerned, is that his original music is always going to have a central role to play in his plans. 

“We all have the same dream of following in Emma Donohue‘s footsteps from last year, and managing to be there on the last night, and to be the last name called out. But only one of us will get to experience that moment. So for me, this is all about taking it all in, enjoying every moment, learning as much as I can from Olivia, the judges, the lads in the band, and everyone connected with the show. All of that will be immensely valuable for what comes next. And part of what comes next will definitely be more original music. I love performing, but I love songwriting as well, and it’s been a pleasure to be able to combine the two.”

        Laughing, Colin remarked that, “I think with ‘Never Said Goodbye’, I’ve nearly released every song on the album as a single at this stage! So when I finally get to launch it officially – which I’ll be able to talk more about soon, please God – we’ll definitely have earned that night of celebration! And after that, it’ll be back to work on the second album!” 

NEVER SAID GOODBYE, the NEW single from GLÓR TÍRE contestant COLIN KENNY – taken from his debut album, Annie – will be available to request from radio stations nationwide from FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4th. You can follow Colin on Facebook and Instagram at Colin Kenny Music. 


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