Alex Roe


Press Release via AS Written, July 2022


Young country music star ALEX ROE will be among the special guests joining the legendary MARGO on her forthcoming Tullamore visit. Margo, known affectionately as ‘the Queen of Country and Irish’, brings her 70th Birthday Celebration Concert Tour to the Tullamore Court Hotel on July 20th, with TRUDI LALOR, MICK FOSTER, and MOYRA FRASER also set to perform on the night. 

          Although still only in his early twenties, Roe‘s star has already been on the ascendancy in the Irish country music scene for some years, with a couple of Hot Country Award wins to his name, a brilliant run to the final of TG4’s long-running show Glór Tíre, and even a recent feature in RSVP Country, the new magazine edited by his former Glór Tíre mentor, Trudi Lalor

          But even with all of that experience already in the bank career-wise, the Clara man admits to being humbled and excited at the prospect of being part of Margo‘s big night in Tullamore…

          “Listen, for me, the chance to be on one of Margo‘s shows, and for it to be in Tullamore – which is kinda like a home-town gig for me being so close to Clara – that’s something I’m so grateful for. To be honest, it’s right up there on that list of career moments that make you feel like your dreams are coming true, and your hard work is paying off. Thinking back to my first single, that was a moment like that. Doing Glór Tíre with Trudi was another. Recording one of Billy Morrisseys songs, that was one too. Picking up a Hot Country Award as well. And to be one of Margo’s guests for a night that’s as big as this for her, it’s an honour for me.”

          When Roe appeared on Glór Tíre in 2020, judge Caitriona O’ Sullivan remarked that his early performances showed him to be “a king of the stage.” Meanwhile, his mentor, Trudi Lalor, described Alex as someone who, “…is a star already, and will be an even bigger one in years to come.” 

          Trudi’s prediction of two years ago certainly seems to be on course to come true, with Roe collecting his second Hot Country TV Award earlier this year, adding the trophy for Rising Male Country Music Artist of the Year to his Larry Cunningham Music Inspiration Award which became an addition to the family mantlepiece back in 2019. 

          With a new single in the works, and some big announcements to come before the year’s end, fans can soon look forward to hearing new music from the man who took the unique step of releasing three original songs right at the very beginning of his country career. This completely bucked the trend of new artists taking the much safer option of covering a well-known classic or recent smash. His fourth single, his first cover, was In The Middle, a hit by American country artist Rodney Atkins, but a song that had never been released in Ireland. That followed his 2017 debut single All I Need Is You (written by Chris Kavanagh), and We’ll Walk Hand In Hand and Summer Time (both written by Jim Roberts). 

          Since then, Roe has released songs like From Time To Time (written by Nashville songwriting great Max T. Barnes with another Music City songsmith Kendall Marvel), No-One Will Ever Love You (Like I Do) (from the pen of renowned Irish songwriter Billy Morrissey), Where The Boat Leaves From, and I Loved Her First, all achieving chart success on iTunes and – more importantly – gaining significant airplay on top of that. 

          Asked about the influence Margo has had on him, Roe pinpointed her authenticity as being a trait that has always stood out for him…

          “Whenever I see Margo interviewed on television, I believe every word she says. And that’s because her personality is so real, you just know she’s being sincere, and that she wouldn’t be able to be anything else. I have so much respect for her for that reason. And she brings that same honesty to her performances, too. When she sings, you believe every word of the song as if Margo was telling you a story from her own life. That’s not easy to do. Many try, and many fail! But never Margo. The girl from Donegal is one of a kind.” 

~ ALEX ROE will be one of MARGO’s special guests at her 70th Birthday Celebration Concert Tour at the Tullamore Court Hotel on July 20th. Also performing on the night are TRUDI LALOR, MICK FOSTER, and MOYRA FRASER. Tickets are available now from hotel reception and/or by calling 05793-46666. 


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