Dave McCune

NEWS Press Release via AS Written, June 2022 DAVE AND FRIENDS 'LAMENT FOR UKRAINE' MENTOR HAZIRI and DAVE McCUNE on stage in Albania While most of us watch helplessly as the brave people of Ukraine battle Russian aggression, six musicians have decided to remain helpless no more. And, as a result, they collected a special … Continue reading Dave McCune


First Published September 2021 MUSIC, 'LIVE' EVENTS, AND A GOVERNMENT THAT NEVER CARED Anyone who couldn't have foreseen the current government's appalling treatment of the music and 'live' events sectors simply hadn't been paying attention. The signs were on it right from the moment Catherine Martin T.D. was handed a portfolio that included responsibility for tourism, culture, arts, … Continue reading Editorial

Stephen Travers

First Published June 2021 A GENT AND A GIANT July 31st will mark the 46th anniversary of one of the darkest nights - in every meaning of that term - in Irish history. The Miami Showband Massacre. Even as a child, when hearing those words mentioned for the first time, without knowing any of the … Continue reading Stephen Travers

Natalie Maines

First Published July 2013 CHICK, FIGHTER, MOTHER Thirty-two words. That's all it took to turn Natalie Maines from a dixie darlin' to a Saddam supportin', America hatin', devil in disguise. At least, that's what happened in the eyes and ears of country music radio and a large number of country ' fans '. Fans for … Continue reading Natalie Maines

Lorraine Keane

First Published February 2020 LORRAINE'S FASHION RELIEF RETURNS (Part 1)  It's probably something that we're all guilty of to some extent from time to time. We think that because we can't do something huge there's no way at all in which we can help those in most need around the world. But thanks to LORRAINE KEANE and … Continue reading Lorraine Keane